EDUindex Mission Statement:

To be the driving force and comprehensive resource to create and provide dynamically driven socioeconomic appropriate educational curriculum for tomorrow.

EDUindex, Inc., born in the twenty first century, promotes relevancy in education.  It is an information company not an educational testing company. The corporation has three initiatives:

1) Publish the EDUindex which is a numerical value that represents how well curriculum matches the needed skills of the  environment; for schools, districts, cities, states and regions. The EDUindex can be calculated across geographical areas as well as within an immediate area.

2) Offer EDUindex Gap Reports to constituents (Schools, Parents, Publishers, Districts), which show the detail of what could be represented in the curriculum to increase relevancy for students.

3) Offer the relevant curriculum that is prominently needed. (A later phase of the company's development).

EDUindex strives to help move Education in a meaningful direction. It's Gap Reports reflect whether curriculum is relevant to the world's ever changing dynamic needs. EDUindex does not measure how well a teacher or student or school or principal is doing, but rather seeks to offer them information to help their objectives of motivating and educating our youth. EDUindex offers a map to what our youth need to learn for tomorrow!