EDUindex Account Representative (Los Angeles; Orlando; Chicago; Milwaukee; Washington D.C.)

Are you a teacher or principal, a curriculum specialist, or a student aide that would love to help move our Educational system in a better direction? Join the EDUindex team that helps promote relevant curriculum in high schools!

The company publishes the EDUindex, a number that is a correlation coefficient which shows how relevant a school's curriculum is to the immediate environment. From this, Gap Reports are available for Schools to purchase to see the detailed skill list that is missing from the curriculum to show what their EDUindex represents. Then that school may start including the top missing class listings in their electives.

These reports are purchased by the schools with help from the parents, who want relevancy in schools, by sending in three dollars in support of their son or daughter. EDUindex is not a testing company, but instead an information company that promotes relevant education by providing a map for adoption of relevant curriculum.

EDUindex certainly supports the core curriculum for college bound students while helping schools also recognize what more a student may want to learn that is relevant to him or her in what they want to learn for tomorrow! If you'd like to help by introducing EDUindex Gap Reports to schools for their purchase, and help America once again have a great school system that is relevant, respond to this posting. Your response goes directly to the CEO of EDUindex.

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